Guardians of the Galaxy Star Wars homage by Matt Ferguson.

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Trainspotting (1996), dir. Danny Boyle

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Bigger Than Us by White Lies


White Lies | Bigger Than Us

And I feel like I’m breaking up, 
and I wanted to stay, 
Headlights on the hillside, 
don’t take me this way, 
I don’t want you to hold me, 
I don’t want you to pray, 
This is bigger than us

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This is being shared all over the internet with my © and signature removed at the moment… good times.

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Incredible concept art sketches created by production designer Ondrej Nekvasil for Bong Joon-Ho’s visionary science fiction film, “Snowpiercer”.


01. Typical view of a cramped, dark, and grimy corridor within the residential areas of the Tail Section.

02. Gilliam’s Tent, located at the very end of the Snowpiercer, as seen on the outside.

03. Living spaces inside the Tail Section intended to mimic the claustrophobic feel of slums in third-world countries.

04. A sketch depicting a violent, blood-soaked scene onboard the train, which was eventually realized in the film as the memorable battle between the Tail Section rebels and the Front Section soldiers at the Yekaterina Bridge and Tunnel.

05. A verdant rendering of the Greenhouse Section, where it marks the first time the Tail Section rebels encounter the vivid colors of the train. Notice a key difference: the old lady in the sketch is reading a book, whereas in the film, she is leisurely doing her knitting by the fountain.

06. Beyond the fountain stand boxes of carefully cultivated and strictly controlled plants, fruits, and vegetables all flourishing within the limited spaces of the Greenhouse Section.

07. Perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of the Snowpiercer that made Yona Minsoo stare in joyous wonder: a floor-to-ceiling wraparound Aquarium Section filled with marine life.

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